Tuesday, June 2, 2009

hey everyone!!!

hello wonderful family and friends!!!
i hope all you all are doing wonderfully on this fine tuesday! it's raining bundles and bundles here above my head, it's difficult to hear myself think!!! i wanna continue where i was earlier and lost and where i left off before...
padre! it's not too costly to make phone calls, comparatively to US dollars.. but it's a lot comparatively to what we make here, which is equivalent to like 10 dollars a week. seriously! thanks for keeping updated always! i miss you lots, love you lots!
mum! thanks for writing a comment, i'm so happy you are on the internet and reading my blog! yay! it's your birthday in a couple days, so until then when i call you, happy birthday soon and hope you are doing well after your accident.. jeeezzz. i wanna wish you buena suerte and i love you very much!!
katie! i wanna find friends in spanish soo badly!! that's such a good idea.. that would be so much fun!!! i've watched home alone 1 and 2 in spanish the past couple nights with my homestay brother and sister.. those are hilarrrious! anyways, thanks for your thoughts i love you bunches wonderful sister! send my love to matt and our gatos and lil gwenny wenny!
aunt judy! i'm glad that things are going well in chicaago! thanks for all your posts, they are great, it's so good to hear from you! and please, take some of my energy because i can get a little manic sometimes! haha! but seriously, i love you a lot and send my love to your pups!
aunt carley! why are you painting that bathroom??! haha, that color is so blueeeetiful though!!! i bet you are choosing a color just as fabulous though!! i'm happy that we could help a smidgen before i left that day, i had a good time! i hope you are settling in well! send my love to eric and julie!! i love you bunches!!
jenny!! thanks for posting a comment! it was good to talk to you via texting a couple weeks ago!! thanks so much for all your help with getting me here, including doing some of my rosetta stone, hahaha! it will come in handy when you visit! yeahyaaa! i talk about you all the time about how we've been friends foreverrr and about your skiing magic and stories about how good of a friend you are when we think we hear gunshots and the few times i've fainted! ah! but yeah, i love you a whole lot and wish you all the best with everything!!!
aunt lindsay and uncle greg!! thanks so much for your thoughts!! and thank you for that fine jacket that you gave me!! it's been so long since hilton head and those alligators in your backyard, but i do have fond memories!! i hope we can talk again soon, until then, take care and i love you both!!!
cousin sandy! i had no idea that you were a spanish teacher! that's so awesome! it takes so much patience! wow, i don't know if i could do that! and if you are coming to guatemala, let me know! if it's after a couple years, let me know and i will probably know some cool spots to go! take care and it's so good to hear from you! much love to you and your family!
thanks again all for your warm comments and wishes! i send the same to you now and always! les deseo amor, salud, buena suerte and alegria!!! (i wish you all love, health, good luck and happiness!!!) thank you all so much!! you are in my thoughts always!!


  1. again--thought i sent a comment. love the sweetness of this blog entry. You are a real special little person.

    Have forwarded contents on to various financial, political and economic sponsors. Did you hear from Sue yet?

    Can you slip in a paragraph return after your paragraphs. makes it easier for the older folks who enjoy your news. Lots of love, Dad.

  2. You are such a sweet thing, taking the time from your busy day to reply to us as you have here. I think these blogs are a great thing, enabling family and friends to keep up with you so far away. It makes you feel a little closer. Trust you have had no add'l earthquakes or tremors, no volcanoes erupting, locusts, flea infestations, etc. The challenges you all face down there are enormous and God knows you all don't need any add'l burdens w/ which to contend. And by 'you all', I mean not only you and your Peace Corps associates, but the Guatemalans themselves. You are helping us to know exactly what those challenges are, and helping us to see how the spirit of the Guatemalans prevails. Thanks. We all need a reminder every now and again of how lucky we are to live in the good old U.S. of A.!

    Have a good week. Love you LOTS!

    Aunt Judy

  3. Sarah Girl!
    You sound so upbeat and sooo busy - do you have some downtime or is UNO playing at night your down time! If I were there, you'd have to teach me how to play. Your sister came for dinner last night and we had a good time (she told me about the T-shirt...-sorry, that's way too weird! But you're in love so I'll forgive you) Yup the blue will be coming off the wall soon - am going to go with a sand color - the kitchen will be a mellow green. I'm used to my purple room now. Cats are venturing outside - my fault but I hate the kitty litter. They don't go far - in fact Figaro rarely strays past the patio! Yesterday am had deer in the yard - that was a treat. And the cats have left the resident chipmunk alive. Will send your love to Eric and Juli - I'll even give Jules a big hug from you when I see her Friday! "Talk" to you soon.
    Love, Aunt Carley

  4. Sarah, I love you love you love you. Your energy seems to be very positive and I'm happy for you. I miss you lots, and have quite a lot to tell you about. Many changes in my life as of late. But I'm very happy too, and feel like we've both entered new phases of life her. I hope that you continue to do well, and I feel very happy that those Guatemalans have you in their lives now.

    Love you,


  5. Hola mi hermana!

    To follow up on Tia Carley's post - I mailed Dylan his smelly t-shirt about two weeks ago - so he should have it by now. I'm sure he es muy excitado. Su condominio es muy hermosa y comodo. Pero, no me gustara ningun color excepto turquesa. El color es mucho bonito ahora!

    Cristy was in town last week - and we went to two of the girls' lacrosse games - its amazing how much better the team has gotten since I was on it - and Mr. Paul took over coaching. They KILLED SHA - but unfortunately lost pretty bad to Hand - but that's ok because Hand wins at everything - so que va! We went to Sidestreet for dinner and I had Matt come so she could meet him - and then took Matt's youngest sister Carrie to the Hand game. Good stuff.

    Matt started studying for the CT & NY Bar on Monday - soooo needless to say... I've been spending mucho tiempo limpiando mi cuarto. Its looking muy bien - pero, it won't last for long.

    We watched Slumdog Millionaire last night (en ingles) and it was actually really good - Normalmente, no me gusta the Oscar nominated peliculas - pero this was pretty neat. Of course, it might be a little more difficult to watch en espanol - I'd stick to the Home Alones and Finding Nemo - simple plots and good facial expressions son mucha ayuda cuando mirando peliculas en un otra lengua. El cumpleanos de su madre es manana (hehe... No te olvidas!)

    Estudiando portugues ahora - Pienso que es un poco similiar a espanol con pronunciacion pero the spelling es muy diferente.

    Tengo un dolor de cabeza desde escribiendo en mi version de spanglish.

    Buena Suerte - Tienes divertido! Mucho amor y paz!
    Toodles -
    Su Hermana

  6. Sarah,
    Thanks for your wonderful call and my birthday wishes. Glad that you are settling in well. Will be sending our the care package this week of the UNO cards, bug spray and etc. Always fun to play games and it is a great way to connect with folks. Love, Hugs and Kisses, Mom

  7. Hi Sars, Sue has been trying to send you an e-mail but with no luck. She's thinking of you! Lots of love, Dad

  8. FYI - Package going out today...
    Just wait until you see how its decorated...
    God Bless You...
    A mixture of Spanish Proverbs...
    I don't even know who I am anymore...
    Mom told me you said to decorate it with all of the above.
    Thank you for the reality check on how non-religious I am.
    Enjoy it!
    Its your birthday present from Mom.
    -Su hermana Kayte

  9. Sarah,
    Alot of rain in CT and was thinking about the all the rain you have had or still having... Going to see my lunch buddy this week who as you know is from Guatemala. Are the kids from Guatemala have a summer vacation like in the states? What are you eating? Nana says Hi and printed out your blog stuff for her... still have to pass on to your aunt and uncle. Thinking of you! Love,Hugs and Kisses, Mom

  10. Hi Sars,

    You spoiled us! We're missing your blog this week :pys of love, Padre

  11. Sarah,
    Sorry it's been a while since I last wrote. All we've been having in CT is rain and when the sun peeks out, everyone runs to the window to see if its for real! Haven't painted the bathroom yet but soon...Figaro is doing well - Skittles (orange/white one) has been sick and still is - not eating or driniking much and very very quiet. Has a spot on his lung and we are trying to get him at least to feel comfortable. Sad situation. Going out for some line dancing tonight! Will you celebrate the 4th of July there?
    Love you, Aunt Carley