Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Second teacher's workshop that we held for the teachers of El Chol of middle and high schools! these are the teachers i work with in and outside the classroom!!! we created a dinamic workshop for them with presentations, discussions, dramatizations and drawings!! it was awesomeee!

10 km hike through the mountains with my site mate, Devin!

feria pictures in Rabinal!
the beautiful mountain drive back to El Chol!

feria in Rabinal, Baja Vera Paz, where they make the most beautiful pots in the world.. i LOVE them! and my friend dona mari and i.. and a pretty sight of El Chol!

our basketball team! me and my sitemate, devon, started playing basketball three times a week in the evenings. this was the first night and then more and more kids and parents and sisters and brothers keep coming!!!
a photo of me and a couple friends from El Chol, a photo of a volcano from my soccer field, another really cool naivity scene...