Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's almost been a month!!!

heeey wonderful people!!!
it makes me sooo happy to hear from you and get your comments! really makes my day, thanks so much for responding!!!! i'm glad you enjoy the photos, no new ones today. but oh boy, last week was busy!!!
soo, lets see, came here to the peace corps office, talked to you wonderful family and friends, and then we played some ultimate frisbee-- i twisted my ankle! wooops! everyone was reeeally nice, i got a ride from a peace corps employee back to san mateo, the pueblo where i live! and then, my friend tiara's homestay mom came over and wrapped my ankle, and then my homestay mom brought me dinner in bed! soo that night i just chilled out and read pablo neruda poetry, it was lovely and relaxing. que mas? the next day it was hurtin a bit, it was a pretty rough day. then i talked to a few of you guys and that was absolutely fantasic and it made me feel so much better!
so the next day was an all-time high! the night before we were preparing a presentation for the rest of the youth development group that was coming to visit us in our community. so we planned a presentation for self-esteem in which everyone put a piece of paper on their back and we all wrote happy messages about the person on their back! everyone presented them and it made me so happy to see everyone feeling good and everyone was feeling good because everyone had helped them feel good! so it was just good all around!
that morning we had woken up at 5 a.m. to make the most delicious recipe in the world for tostados made with all these veggies and chicken! we made it for everyone for a snack after our presentation, everyone loovvveeddd it! fantastic!
then that night there was an earthquake that night!!! ahh crazy!!! i was lying in my bed around 5ish or so, listening to music, and i felt my bed start to shake and shake more and shake more!! ahh it was so weird!!!! i thought there was someone under my bed shaking it, or a giant had come to san mateo or i didn't even know! then i started laughing because it was an EARTHQUAKE! TEMBLOR!!! ahhh!!! it was sweeet and fun, but i'm sure it can be dangerous at other times. let's hope to god it's okay the rest of the time i'm here. anyways, so that was CRAZY!
so the next day, we prepared a presentation for san mateo for a group from san miguela duenas that was coming to visit us. so we made a super cool map with markers and crayons of san mateo, and cut it up like a puzzle, and then after we gave our tour, we had them put it together, while we sang a song we had made about san mateo to the tune of "in the jungle the mighty jungle..." they loved it and we loved singing it for them! then we went to their community to have a tour and got ICECREAM! thennn we watched a volunteer's neighbors play xylophones, huge ones, that 3 or 4 people can play at one time!!! it was really cool, i want one!! we tried to play, but eh, not so good at it. oh yeah, i've been practicing the flute recently, i bought one in antigua, it's really hard but i've learned 3 more notes since last week so i think i'll get better!
so then we went to antigua for the afternoon, went to the mercado (market) and huuung out!
then the next day we went to a sweet beach, took private buses there, and the sand was black.. that was really cool! the waves were super strong, pretty scary, but super fun to swim around in!! it was very refreshing but i am burnt like a tomato (sorry mom! i put on the sunscreen i promise). my homestay family thinks its really fun that i'm white but now i'm red. they think a lot of things are funny here. i love it!
then yesterday we went to guatemala city to check out the american embassy and the ridiculous mall and where the hospital is.. so it was a good day. i was so tired after because we had such a full weekend. good times though, i ate my first sandwich.. which was fantasic! and then that night, i put photos on my family's computer that they had taken of the catholic parade in town that weekend. i told them they could borrow my camera, and they did! and they were soo happy to have those photos and to be able to look at those and then to have the other photos from dia de la madre and the other festival that we went to a few weeks ago! then i ate dinner with them, did my homework and read and went to sleep! today i'm here and now i gotta go because it's time for some more youth development training! i took my first shower today in the peace corps office in about a month, which was wonderful! it was cold, but it was running water and thank god for that!
i hope you all are doing super duper! i miss you all dearly!! i love you all so much!! thanks again for your thoughts and comments! they make me really happy!!!
mucho amor, se cuidado, salud!!!!!


  1. Well that was a lot of news. sorry to hear about your ankle but i sounds well-healed. nice to be cared for a little. Sounds like you're mixing lots of learning and hard work with some fun stuff. Look forward to more pics.....Sent Sue your info last night, and she promises to be in touch..I'm doing OK. Eyes very slowly returning to their normal abnormal state!...Kayte and I ent to see Death of a Salesman with Mr. Paul at Yale Rep. Pretty exhausting play...What are these phone calls costing you? If you receive phone calls, do they cost you minutes?...Lots of Love. DAD.

  2. Goodness, Sarah! I am EXHAUSTED just reading about your very busy week. You are managing to cram so much into just 7 short days - how do you do it? Can I PLEASE have some of your energy???? Bummer about your ankle, but good to know there are people around to help you out and nurse you back to health. Things here in Chicagoland are about the same as ever. Puppies are fine and send tail wags and kisses. As for me, I am fine and (instead of tail wags) send hugs and kisses. Love you lots. Stay safe and keep up your great newsy blogs and pics!

    Aunt Judy

  3. Hi, don't know if you know that in my last life I was a Spanish teacher. I envy you being able to have this experience. I still hope to get to Guatemala one day myself. Te diviertes!

    Cousin Sandy

  4. Oh Sarah - it is so great beign able to share your experiences this way! You sound like it is the experience of a lifetime and I envy you! Your Spanish is really coming along and because of the person that you are, you are a gift to all. All's well in the new condo - cats are slowly going outside however. Can't stand that kitty litter. Hate to say it but the bathroom is being painted in a few weeks. I have some extra blue paint for you when you get home!
    Love you. Aunt Carley

  5. Sarah,
    Oh my, first shower in a month. Earthquake tremors? Black sand? Yummy tostados? That sounds all very exciting (well, except for the shower part).

    Glad you are enjoying your assignment!
    Hugs from all,
    Cathy, Kyle and Jagger