Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's been one week since you looked at me

Ah, barenaked ladies, gotta love them! I miss you all, there are pictures all over my room, everywhere! I'm always reminded of you all and thinking of you always.. tellin stories, showin those pictures, thinkin good thoughts and hopes and health for everyone!

Anyways, hope all is well over and up in the usa! enjoyin those hot showers, let alone showers! i've been takin bucket baths! everytime i pour that bowl of water on my body, oh man, it's nice! and hope you all appreciate those refrigeradors and ice for those hot days and oh yeah, running water! Running water is great. Clean water is great, too. Not any of that down here, except in the bottle. We all got it reeeal nice up there in the states, just reminding you! :)

Let's see, must not dream of those luxuries too much! hehe. nah, it's actually really nice! They are really smart down here, they catch rain water for washing dishes and washing hands. A certain amount of water comes by truck every week with an amount for each household in the pueblo, so they definitely are big conservers! All of the fruits and vegetables and meat comes from the pueblo or from Antigua, an hour away! So, it's sustainable! I have a lot to learn from them, I think we all do.

Let's see, Guatemala is super mountainous!!! Mountains everywhere, so many trees, birds, flowers, plants! Oh man, it's absolutely gorgeous!

There's a lot of people waiting to get on this computer so I gotta go! I love you all and I sooo wish you all were here with me. You are all in my thoughts and dreams!!! Take care of yourself up there, mucho amor salud y feliz!!!!!!
Oh yeah, from my house I can see a volcano!!! It's sooo coooool!!!!!


  1. Sarah, so wonderful to see you blogging. Sounds positively Stone Age down there w/ no running water and no showers or refrigerators! But just reading what you wrote reminded me to appreciate what I have here at home in the good old US of A! Pls blog more when you can so we can all hear about your host family and activities! Love you lots, and I know the fam misses you back in CT! Stay safe.

    Aunt Judy

  2. Hey Sars. Got confused by your blog announcement. You put an @ whre it should have been a . Great to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad

  3. did you meet her?
    Kate Maloney
    Santa Lucia Milpas Altas, Guatemala

  4. Hey Sarah,
    Glad that you have lots of photos sine you spent so much time picking them out... can't imagine what it is like though I know we all will enjoy hearing about what you do. Take care, Love Always, Mom

  5. You are in Santa Lucia, right?

  6. Sarah,
    You are something, girl! Keep up the blogging so we can keep up with you.
    We're thinking about you.
    Love, Aunt Carley and the gang

  7. Hi Sarah,

    I'm so glad you are enjoying being a "Honorary Guatemalteca"! Everything you wrote seems amazing, and I'm sure the experience will be unforgettable...(specially the fleas!) I hope all those last minute advices helped somehow to ease all the culture differences you are having to go through.
    Please let me know if you need anything from me, ok?
    Take care and have fun!!!


  8. Sarah,
    Hoping you are having a wonderful birthday!! 23??? OMG where did the years go? Enjoy your day - it's all about you today!
    Love, Aunt Carley