Monday, July 13, 2009

the center of my town & my home!

so here's some pictures of the center of town from the view from the top level of my house, it's a huuuge open balcony! wooo! and so the center is pretty small, because there's only 2,000 people in the town, but it's bustling. well not in these pictures because it's 6 am. but all the other times, it is. kids playing basketball, walking around, eating food, playing soccer, just kicking around, hanging out. it's really awesome, there's a lot of activities in it. to the right is a huge beautiful catholic church. and then to the right of that is a huge community center with little shops and then big open space for different community activities. once every month there's a huge celebration of some some sort with food and dancing and everything with most all the members of the pueblo! so that's really cool, it's a tightknit community with lots of stuff going on! and then we have a market twice a week so people from the surrounding pueblos come to sell and buy all sorts of fruits and vegetables! so i love that!
and then, here's some pictures of my room!! it's got a tin roof which i LOVE because i really enjoy the sound when it rains. it's really calming. so they made it all up for me with shelves, a dresser, a bed, a table! i still have to buy a stove and chairs, but other than that, i'm set! so that's great! so here's those pictures-- i posted a lot! i hope you all enjoy!
btw- no internet in my site!!!!! i'm pretty sure that i'm the only site of the volunteers without internet, so that's a unique experience!!! i've enjoyed speaking to you all so frequently, but it just can't happen like this when i move! i'm sorrrry!!! but if i could, i totally would, you know it!!! i love you all very much! hope all is well in the states!!! woooooooo!!!! mucho amor!!!! : )


  1. I gotta be honest, Sarah! No internet just SUCKS! Make sure you put in your request for immediate internet the SECOND you get there! Because I know that everyone will be falling all over themselves to get it for you.....right? LOL JK It has been nice to be able to keep up with your activities and see photos so frequently. We will try to survive the w/drawal from your enthusiastic posts and pictures, and I know that you will catch us up when you are able. We love you, LOTS!!! Stay safe and enjoy! Aunt Judy

  2. Sars, I'll miss your ramblings. Photos are great. gives us a sense of where you are. But no talking or internet. Ush!!!!!!!

    Love, Love Padre

  3. Well, Sarah neat pics... to bad about no internet... you sound great and so glad that things are working out... let me know that you got package #1 and when time permits let us know your address.... take care, Love Hugs and Kisses, Mom

  4. it looks beautiful down there!! and your house looks awesome! i'm sure you'll add your own touch of knick knacks, rocks, and leaves for decorations :). Miss you tank! Love you!

  5. What are you? 80 years old? What's with the plastic over your table?

    Nice shelves - love the squirmy gross worm thing in the top left - and the beanie baby on the left. Good to see you're making use of one of the 20000 beanie babies. Very cute.
    NICE yankees hat!