Monday, July 13, 2009

here's some pictures of baja vera paz!!!

these are pictures of my town.. the streets and all.. there's one of my schools and the volunteer i'm replacing.. and then to the left of her is my counterpart, the superintendent of the schools, and the director all the way on the right. then there's another picture of my school with the bridge in it. there's 2 rivers that run through my town with cool big rocks around them! and then another picture of the dirt road i walk down to get to that school. but it's really cute, surrounded by mountains, in the middle of nowhere, 3 hours down a dirt road! ah, but it's gorgeous, there's such little population out there so there's just mountains and mountains and it's so lush and green! and it's super safe too because it's the last stop on the really long dirt road, so no one goes there unless they live there or live near by!


  1. Great pics. Thanks for catching us up. Sounds like a wonderful place for you.

  2. You're becoming quite a pro w/ that camera of yours! It does sound like a special place. I'm assuming it's not a three-hour trek down that dirt road to get to your school, yes? That'd be quite a hike to start and finish your day! LOL I can just imagine the things you will see on your walks in the area - make sure you always have your camera handy, ok? Just in case you don't have anything else to carry - HA!