Monday, July 13, 2009

my site!!!

hello all!!
i hope all is well with you all!! i miss you lotsss and love you lots!!! thanks for checking in!!
so my site! ah! it's the cutest thing ever, i love it!!! its 3 hours on a dirt road.. ahhhh!! gotta take 5 buses to get from here to there. it's pretty crazy, totalllly totally out there!! it's the last stop in the middle of nowhere.. so i gotta backtrack if i wanna go anywhere else.. it's reeeally tranquilo and super friendly and really cute with cobblestone streets and a really nice big park and a couple futball fields and little tiendas. i live above a pharmacy with a family, i live in a little apartment behind their house.. it's really cute and they completely furnished it for me!! i'll show you all pictures! my site visit was sooo packed with activities.. and apparently that's how it's gonna be always.. up early and activity activity activity of all sorts.. so i'm gonna be on my feet lots and moving around!!

soo yeeah, the first day i got there we all planted trees, all the kids, the parents and everyone.. it was a reforestation project that the volunteer, hannah, that i'm replacing and other members of the community planned as a response to the increasing pressure to log their land for major companies. then there was cultural night in the huuge community center thats in town.. and then there was a maaagic show!! ahh!! it waas really fun. then we hung out and ate pizza and the magician performed card tricks for us! the next day, i watched hannah give an HIV/AIDS presentation. which was awesome! i'm gonna be doing a lot of hiv/aids work in my town and the surrounding towns.. which is so important on so many levels, most honestly. so i'm really excited about that!! then we ate some egg sandwiches and then i helped judge a debate among the kids about the death penalty and abortion.. really heavy topics for them and it was their first debate, so it was a really big deal. they did an awesome job though!!

the next day, there was a huuge meeting with all the directors of all the municipal (so my town and all the surrounding towns that are part of the municipal).. so i presented myself in front of like 35 directors from all the schools. and then later on i went around to all the schools with my CTA (who is the superintendent of all the schools.. and one of the people that is going to be helping with me projects and stuff).. so i met all the directors more personally of the 4 schools i'm going to be working at-- 2 middle schools and 2 diversificados! then later that night i ate dinner with my family and uppacked some stuff and yeah, went to sleep! woke up and took 5 buses to get home to san mateo! and now i'm here! ah! i'm gonna download some photos for you all to see because i love you all so much!!!!!!!!! : ) all the best health, happiness and love for you all!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sarah, this sounds like a terrific little town for you. Well....other than the fact that you'll have no internet access! Does that mean we're going to have to resort to snail mail and figure out what the postage is from the US to Guatemala? I'm not sure I remember how to actually write a letter! LOL But perhaps you will find time to write letters home and your mom and/or dad can scan them in and e-mail them to us! Let us know what your mailing address will be when you're able, ok? Love these pictures, and it sounds as though you will fit right in with your lively self and your enthusiasm. I especially LOVE your room! And the town is just adorable. I know you will be happy there, and that your presence and your efforts will definitely make a difference in the lives of the locals, children and adults alike! We all love you and miss you! Aunt Judy XOXOXOXO