Monday, July 13, 2009

some photos of the wedding of my homestay sister! and my san mateo family!

so here's some photos of the wedding that was a couple weeks ago! it was really nice, the bride and groom and everyone walked down the street of san mateo and arrived in the downstairs of our home where like 75 people were waiting. and the whole legal ceremony took place.. and they kissed and everything, and it was really cute!! then we all walked over to the church where they had the religious ceremony.. and there's a picture of us in front of the church. and then the other picture is of my homestay mom and dad, my little brother (oh really he's my nephew because he's my borther's son), and then my other little brother, edy.. we're really close, playing uno for hours always, and i help him with his homework a lot tooo!

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  1. You will miss your San Mateo family, won't you? Sounds as though you have all gotten very close over the past couple of months. But the good news is, now you have someplace to go visit where you know people!