Saturday, January 2, 2010

here we have a picture of the ranch that my host family built about 10 minutes up the dirt road from our house.. they rent it out to people in town for gatherings and parties and then we've had birthdays and holiday celebrations there as well!! it's beautifullll!! the photo of the window is the upstairs overlooking the mountains of baja vera paz, my department of guatemala.. its a room they want to turn into a bedroom or a comfortable place to camp for the night..

then there's another view from this ranch overlooking the beaautiful mountains

and then we've got a picture of my host dad, Don Robert, and another of two of his sons, my host brothers, Anthony and Abner (in the tire).. they're fun!

and then we have a photo of me and a couple other peace corps volunteers, Jasmine and Bryan, in Antigua after we "swore in" as Peace Corps Volunteers

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