Sunday, January 3, 2010

here's some more photos of xela, the second biggest city in guatemala, near where my friend travis lives in the town outside of xela, cantel. xela is waay out west, in the department of quetzaltenango like 9 hours from my site.. but totally worth the trip when you can hang out with friends!!! the hours mean nothing to the precious time spent with the ones you love, right?

and then the other photo is me and my friend ryan when we accidently stayed in a brothel.. this is the pimp, angel. oops, did i say that out loud? i swear we didn't know, or we would not have been smiling. we found out later through insiders of knowledge of guatemala, which obviously we did not know or recognize at the time. skeettccchhyy but thank god, we're okay! but anyways, this was ryan on the left and angel in the middle.

i asked angel what he thought the purpose of life was and he said, "to be humble, to be kind and to make friends." -the wisdom i learned from a pimp.. i swear he seemed like such a nice guy.. things aren't always as they seem, i suppose

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