Sunday, January 3, 2010

yeah! so this was the afternoon of September 15th.. as you can see, the diverseness of activities of the 15th of september! so glad i could share them with you all!

so the afternoon of the 15th we went to a beautiful water hole called Aquas Calientes (warm water).. which is actually FREEEEZING!!! but as anything.. we get used to it.. the body is an amazing adaptor both physically and psychologically i believe (as i have adapted more or less easily to being in a new country- pretty cool!) anyways.. it was Seno Evelyn's birthday- so me and her family went swimmming and had a little picnic! sooo, the first couple pictures are of me and the lovely family of one of my friends Seno Evelyn.. she is such a kind soul and her family is incredible.. they have really taken me in as one of their own, as for that i am so grateful. since then we've gone on other trips together including an awwwesome camping trip!! so they are so kind.. and these are pictures of Seno Evelyn, her husband and her two kids! and then one of me with them!

then the other photos were the following weekend when i road tripped to Xela.. on the west side of the country to visit my fellow peace corps volunteers for the first time in 2 months.. it was exciting! so this is a picture of dyed chickies! so cute and fuzzy! and then a photo of my friend kate who LOVED the t shirt i bought her because it reminded me of her cat, paloma!!

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