Saturday, January 2, 2010

soo i'm part of a soccer team in El Chol with one other teacher, like me! and a bunch of youth, most of whom are my students in the middle schools and high schools! we play every sunday.. or when we all can.. it's pretty relaxed.. but i really love playing with them!!

one photo is of me and a couple of my teammates before returning from another pueblo about an hour away after a soccer game, and the blood on my knee was from a fall i took.. wish i could say i was actually playing hard when it happened.. like JUST made a goal.. but no, i actually just tripped in the middle of the field and was not anywhere near the ball... if it means anything.. the field was reeeally hilly and really rocky.. not safe for players.. watch out for that field..

and then the other photo of the field (which wasn't the field i fell on) was of the following sunday when we rode on a back of a truck to another pueblo to play soccer.. the view from the field was beautiful.. and music was blasting the whole time we were playing.. which was really fun!

anyways then we've got a picture of the big store in town down the street from my house, to the right of the church..

and then another picture of me and some of my students and my teammates hanging out in the park!

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