Sunday, January 3, 2010

now we've arrived at september 15th.. DIA DE INDEPENDENCIA!!! (Day of Independence).. maaan this was fun!! so the deal is that starting like two weeks before september 15th, schools from preschools to high schools start to go on trips during the days, or some staying overnight.. so the teachers, parents and students and guests (me!), who has the funds and desires to do so, goes on trips to different places.. i had the wonderful luxury of going on a trip to the zooo (with the bears), a children's museum (in one of the photos), two waterparks (guastatoya and xemap a couple of times : ) ).. so the following photos are of the celebrations of september 15th!

couple more things.. on the way back from going on these trips, it's tradition for the students to run through towns on the way back carrying a torch, while the cars and motorcycles following them honking, blasting music, screaming, singing.. while others who are watching may cheer us on and throw water at us.. it's a big deal.. it's a whole lot of excitement and adreline being a part of it.. its crazy! anywaaaays

then meanwhile while other trips are happening, other cultural events are taking place in El Chol, like gymnastics (in these photos) and then other dances, visual historical stories, musical performances, traditional dances.. its days packed full with trips for some and cultural events for all of the Cholenses!! enjoy the photos.... :)

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