Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here's some photos of the park in the center of town, with the church and the open space, convientently located super close down the street from my family's home and my little home behind theres... just a little walk down the cobblestone street to the park where kids hang out, play basketball, play soccer, there's food vendors and drink vendors sometimes.. and there's been lots of music and activities!! it's a total gathering place for all community members of El Chol, or "Cholenses," they call themselves!

guatemala has a very visual culture.. so there are quite a few times in my town that i've seen historical stories acted out before an audience (me and other community members) in the park, in front of the church and in front of the middle school, which is to the left of the church.. i teach classes there both in the morning and in the afternoon!

the guatemaltecos LOVE fireworks, there's not a day goes by that i don't hear fireworks!! so, the smoke is fireworrrks! don't worry, i haven't seen anyone get hurt, thank god, but be worried because sometimes it gets sketttchy close.

guatemaltecos in my town love to dress up in costumes that represent their history and put on plays and do dances that tell the stories of their history.. there's more to come!! here's a couple.. thanks for viewing

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