Saturday, January 2, 2010

catching up along the way!

so here we're backtrackin a little..

first picture is one of some our guatemalan peace corps volunteers.. from youth development (my program) and rural home preventive health, the other program.. there's 30 of us who all came in together in april 2009! this was a photo after we all sat around in circle on a lightly breezy sunny afternoon in the peace corps office and all gave our personal committment to the peace corps in our own personal way. it was a beautiful afternoon of sharing, which makes for a BEAUTIFUL picture, as you can see!

then we move along to when we "swore in" as volunteers.. got one picture with the director of peace corps training, Craig, and my spanish teacher, Marisa, so wonderful, patient and helpful!

then we move along to a photo of me and my training town San Mateo family that i lived with for 3 months who came to see me swear in as a peace corps volunteer!

then we have a photo of me and Tiara with our two cuuuute little host brothers

and then a photo of alllll us peace corps volunteers of 2009-2011!!! yayy!!

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